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Can You Bring Spray Sunscreen On A Plane

We know how important it can be to carry all your essentials along with you while travelling. Especially when you are going on holiday, you want all your important products and toiletries handy with you. Any restriction or ban on such products can spoil the whole mood. Sunscreen has recently become one of the most essential parts of our daily routine, which is commonly used by almost everyone. And if carrying a Spray Sunscreen on a Plane is restricted, then it could be a little problematic.

Carrying sunscreen is a must whether you are travelling to a tropical destination, adventurous activities, or cultural tours in a sunny climate. Nobody wants to get back to their homes with sunburn all over their skin. So here we are to help you with all the answers related to carrying Spray Sunscreen on a plane. To know all the rules and regulations of carrying a spray sunscreen on a plane read all the information given below.

Can I Bring Spray Sunscreen On a Plane?

Certainly, you can bring a spray sunscreen on a plane for most of the destinations. Almost all of the airlines allow their passengers to bring sunscreen along with them on a plane but there are some rules and regulations related to it which you must follow (You can read them in detail below). The airlines understand the importance of their customers’ choices and needs. The types of sunscreen that are allowed on planes apart from Spray Sunscreen are:

  • Gels
  • Creams
  • Liquids
  • Solid
  • Lotions

The most important thing to keep in mind while carrying spray sunscreen on a plane is the volume and how to pack it for a flight. You can read about all this in the information mentioned below.

How do you pack sunscreen for a flight?

When preparing to pack sunscreen for air travel, it is crucial to adhere to specific guidelines to ensure a seamless and risk-free journey. Particularly, when planning to carry a spray sunscreen on a plane, it is important to keep the given guidelines in mind:

  • The container possesses a secure cap, which will avoid any unwanted leakage of gas.
  • To be double-sure, apply tape around the cap and provide an additional layer.
  • Enclose the sunscreen in a durable plastic bag. Carefully seal the bag to guarantee no seepage.
  • Keep the sunscreen bag in the Centre of your luggage, using your clothes as added protection.

These approaches are not only for the safety of your sunscreen but also ensure aviation safety standards.

For carry-on Baggage 

If you want to carry your Spray Sunscreen on a plane in your carry-on luggage, Then there are some set rules by the airlines you must remember. These rules are set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

According to them, passengers are allowed to carry their sunscreen unless they are less than or equal to 100ml/3.4 oz in volume. It goes the same with all other liquid toiletries, like deodorants and perfumes.

These all come under the LAGs (Liquid, Aerosols and Gels) regulations. Most of the airlines follow these rules to limit the amount of liquid carried by the passengers on a plane. Go through the given guidelines before packing or buying sunscreen or any liquid or gas product for your Flight:

  • Items you carry must be in small containers, not more than 100ml or 3.4 ounces. This rule applies to things like liquids, gases, or sprays.
  • It is required to pack the item in transparent, resealable plastic bags.
  • Only one plastic bag can be carried by one passenger.

Remember, these guidelines are only for handbags and carry-on bags.

Keeping in mind the different requirements of each passenger travelling, TSA 

In particular stated that travelers could bring more sunscreen in their carry-on bags than allowed under LAGs regulation, only if they are important for them as per their medical conditions. But shortly after this, TSA removed any kind of exception for anyone, which disappointed a lot of their passengers, but it was a measure taken for safe travel.

For Checked Baggage

For those who think that a small portion of sunscreen will not be enough for them during their holidays. Can carry their spray sunscreen on a plane in their checked baggage. TSA especially introduced a way of carrying a whole lot of essential products which fall under the LAGs category in checked baggage. 

So, it is possible for you to bring huge bottles of spray sunscreen on a plane or full bottles of lotion or cream, but only if you carry them in your registered luggage.

Passengers are permitted to bring a combined total of 2 kilograms or 2 litres of sunscreen in their check luggage. However, it’s important to note that each passenger’s container of sunscreen must not exceed 5 kg or 500 ml. This flexibility in the allowed quantity and container sizes ensures that travellers can pack a variety of sunscreen products in their checked luggage. 

If you find these rules related to sunscreen confusing, then placing your sunscreen in your hold baggage is an easy way out of your problem. This will not only allow you to eliminate any possible issue which can erupt while you travel, but it will also get green signals as per TSA regulations.

Can I fly with spray sunscreen in my checked bag?

Well, there is no denying that using spray sunscreens is very easy and is also widely accepted by most consumers. But can we carry our preferable spray sunscreen on a plane? Although the TSA does not permit their passengers to carry any other aerosol products in their carry-on, there is good news for all the passengers who want to carry their spray sunscreen on a plane: the only aerosols which are allowed by TSA to carry in their checked bags are toiletries and medicines. 

You can definitely carry a spray sunscreen on a plane in your checked bag, but it must meet the requirements permitted by the TSA., which are- It should be at most 2 kg in weight and placed on your registered luggage.

Although the TSA allows you to carry your aerosol in your checked luggage, it is important to keep in mind that almost all types of aerosol contain more or less amount of alcohol, which makes them highly flammable. It is suggested, if possible, to try to take other alternatives available in the market other than your spray sunscreen on a plane. And if you don’t have any other option other than this, then try to keep it safe in your luggage as per TSA rules and regulations.

Sunscreen sticks have become a popular and highly preferred alternative for travelers worldwide. These solid items alleviate the restrictions associated with liquids, eliminating the need to measure volume and pack in plastic bags. The convenience of sunscreen sticks has led many consumers to choose them for their travels, offering a hassle-free solution without the constraints imposed on liquid products.

Can I use sunscreen during a Flight?

Those who find that the application of sunscreen is important are very worried when they travel at such a high elevation. They are unsure about the rules and regulations of the airlines, which may restrict them from using them during flights. Sitting on a window seat while flying can expose our skin to the dangerous UV rays from the sun, which may result in sunburns. Sunscreen is important for passengers, and although the usage may vary from person to person, the airlines try to understand the passengers’ needs and permit their customers to apply sunscreen during a flight.

To make their travel comfortable and stress-free regarding any exposure to the sun rays. But still it is important to note there are some restrictions regarding the usage of sunscreen during flights. Their regulations related to sunscreen and all other toiletries are travel-friendly, but it is suggested to go through the guidelines before packing or using sunscreen on flights. 

  • 100ml sunscreen is allowed in your cabin bags. Exceeding the limit will not be accepted. Sunscreens in creams, spray, lotion, or gel forms are permitted. 
  • Suppose you find the 100 ml limit less for your usage, then you must carry your sunscreen in your checked baggage. The limit for the amount of sunscreen in your registered baggage is 2 kg. This flexibility is given to meet the requirements of the passengers.
  • It is recommended to use stick sunscreen, which has no restrictions attached to it and is considered the most appropriate option for travelling on a plane.
  • You can carry your spray sunscreen on a plane, but make sure it is sealed with a cap, tape and plastic bag because any unreasonable leakage can cause a problem.

Which type of sunscreens are banned on the Flight?

People who are planning to travel to Hawaii might be disappointed to know that there are some sunscreens that are not allowed there. This rule is particularly set to help the coral reefs. There are certain sunscreens that contain chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are harmful to reefs; they can cause bleaching and stop the young coral from growing, which will lead to their death. 

There are many other destinations which do not allow this chemical sunscreen to their places, including the U.S. Virgin Islands, Key West in Florida, Bonaire in the Caribbean, Palau, and some places in Mexico.

There are a number of sunscreens that claim to be 100% organic and good for the environment. However, it is evident that such claims are only made for advertisement purposes, and there still can be some chemicals involved in the production of these sunscreens which are not accepted. This actually shows that local authorities are serious about stopping things that are harmful to our environment.

But you do not need to worry about this. You can look for sunscreens that are mineral-based or have ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. For these sunscreens to be safe for the reefs, they need to be non-nano and mineral-based. This means the tiny particles in them are bigger than 100 nanometers and won’t harm the underwater wonders. So, when you go out in the sun, use these safer sunscreens to help protect our beautiful coral reefs.

Tips and Tricks to Bring Your Sunscreen on the Plane.

If you want to take your lotion, cream, gel or spray sunscreen on a plane, then you can use the tips and tricks given below; this can definitely help you:

  • Buy the travel-sized sunscreen that is not too small and not too large, just appropriate as per the rules and regulations of the airlines.
  • If you like some particular type of sunscreen, then it is advised to put those sunscreen in small containers, which will make it easy to carry, and there will be no use of less space and are handy.
  • We know travel-sized bottles do not contain enough product so that you can pack multiple bottles.
  • You can choose to buy the sunscreen from the destination when you reach. 
  • Buying it from the airport is also an option; after passing security, check out airport stores for larger-sized sunscreens.
  • Pick the coral reef-safe sunscreens if you are travelling to destinations which impose some restrictions on some chemical based sunscreens.
  • Calling the airline’s customer service number is an option always available for the customer; if you are still confused about whether to buy your sunscreen, then feel free to contact them.


In conclusion, You can spray sunscreen on a plane, but it’s important to follow specific rules and regulations to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. Most airlines permit you to carry lotion, cream, gel, and spray sunscreen on a plane both in carry-on and checked baggage. But the amount of sunscreen varies depending on the bag you want to carry it in.

If you are not sure about how to pack your sunscreen for a flight, then you can look at the above-mentioned guide, which will give you a clear picture of it. You can also read about the types of sunscreen allowed and banned in Flight here. If you want some easy tips and tricks related to it, we have also mentioned it above.

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